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Non-Profit Corporation

The Rocky Mountain Fjord Horse Club is a nonprofit corporation and does not have the authority to issue capital stock. The property of the Rocky Mountain Fjord Horse Club shall be used solely to promote its purposes as herein defined. No substantial part of the activities of the Club shall consist of carrying propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation. No part of the activities of the Rocky Mountain Fjord Horse Club shall consist of participating in or intervening in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. Upon dissolution or cessation of business of the Rocky Mountain Fjord Horse Club assets remaining after payment of or provision for its debts and liabilities shall, consistent with the purposes of the Rocky Mountain Fjord Horse Club be paid over to a nonprofit corporation qualifying as an exempt organization under the provisions of Sect. 501, (C), (3), (4) or (5) of the US Internal Revenue code or corresponding provisions of subsequently enacted Federal Law. No part of the net assets or net earnings of the Rocky Mountain Fjord Horse Club shall inure to the benefit of, or be paid or distributed to any officer, director, member, employee or donor of the Rocky Mountain Fjord Horse Club.


The name of this corporation shall be: the Rocky Mountain Fjord Horse Club (RMFHC).


To hold Norwegian Fjord Horse events, promote fjords and provide a network for fjord related activities.


A. ELIGIBILITY. Membership in the RMFHC shall be open to anyone interested in the purposes of the Rocky Mountain Fjord Horse Club.

B. Membership in the RMFHA may be denied for any reason by a vote of the majority of the members of the club officers.


1. Voting shall be limited to members in good standing, 18 years of age or older, who support the purposes of the RMFHC.

D. ANNUAL DUES shall be determined by the Club officers and are due and payable at a time to be determined by the Club officers. Dues will be considered delinquent if not paid within 60 days of the stated deadline.

E. Upon requesting and being accepted for membership in the RMFHC, the applicant agrees to be bound by the Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Procedure duly promulgated by the Club officers.

F. LOSS OF MEMBERSHIP, censure or other disciplinary actions may occur upon violation of RMFHC Bylaws, or any Rule, Regulation or Procedure duly promulgated by the Club officers to accomplish the objectives of the Bylaws.

1. Disciplinary Action. Censure or other disciplinary actions may occur upon violation of NFHR Bylaws, Rules of Registration, or other administrative procedures upheld by the club officers.

2. Termination of Membership for Cause. The club officers, by affirmative vote of two thirds of all the members of the board, may suspend or expel a member for cause after an appropriate hearing, and, by a majority vote of those present and voting at any regularly constituted meeting, may terminate the membership of any member who becomes ineligible for membership. The process shall be carried out in good faith.

Written notice of the proposed action shall be given by certified mail and sent to the member's last address.

3. Termination for Failure To Pay Dues. Membership rights are suspended automatically for all classes of members delinquent in dues payments as of March 1 of each calendar year.

4. Resignation. Any member may resign by filing a written resignation with the Secretary.

5. Reinstatement. On written request signed by a former member whose membership has been terminated for cause and filed with the Secretary, the club officers by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board, may reinstate a member to membership on such terms as the Board of Directors may deem appropriate.


A. candidate for RMFHC Officer shall:

1. Be at least 21 years of age;

2. Agree to uphold and abide by the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations and procedures of the RMFHC; and

3. Be an owner of at least one NFHR registered Fjord Horse.

B. The officers of RMFHC shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. As a group, these officers and the immediate past president, not holding a current office, shall function as the Club officers of the RMFHC.

C. The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and of the club officers.

D. The Vice-President shall preside at any meetings in the absence of the President

E. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all RMFHC and Club officers meetings, shall have custody of the official records of the RMFHC, and shall perform or supervise such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to him/her. Persons may be appointed by the Club officers to aid the Secretary in his/her Secretarial responsibilities.

F. The Treasurer shall receive monies belonging to or paid to the RMFHC, shall provide for their safe keeping, and shall dispense funds of the RMFHC in accordance with the direction of the Club officers. The Treasurer shall manage the books and accounts of the Corporation, all of which shall be open to inspection of members of the RMFHC at the treasurerís location, by appointment. The Treasurer shall present a written report at each Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall keep the club officers informed of the financial condition of the RMFHC, and have the financial records available to them for an annual audit. The Treasurer shall give bond for the faithful discharge of his/her duties if and when required by the Club officers. Persons may be appointed by the Club officers to aid the Treasurer in his/her responsibilities.

G. An Officer may resign by sending a written notice to the President or will be considered to have resigned after having been absent from two consecutive regular meetings of the Club officers, unless excused by the President.

H. No Officer shall receive any salary for his or her services to the RMFHC. An officer may be reimbursed for actual authorized expenses incurred on behalf of the conduct of business of the RMFHC including, but not limited to, actual authorized expenses for attendance at any meeting at which attendance is required.


A. The Club officers shall have responsibility for the general management of and authority over the property, business and affairs of the RMFHC. Officers are authorized to carry out the objectives of the RMFHC and to apply for and receive funds from any and all sources and may appropriate those funds as it sees fit to carry out, manage and defend the policies and objectives of the RMFHC.

B. The Club officers shall hold at least one meeting annually following the annual election of Officers, for the purpose of transaction of such business as may properly come before it.

C. Additional meetings of the Club officers shall convene at a time and means as designated by the President, including telephone conferences.

D. The Secretary shall keep a written record of Club officers meetings, exclusive of Executive Sessions, and shall make such records available at the annual meeting and /or in the official publication of the RMFHC.

E. A quorum for Club officers Meetings shall be three.

F. In the case of a vacancy in the Club officers, the Committee shall unanimously appoint a member to serve in the vacant position until the next election.

G. The Club officers shall make and enforce the rules of membership and shall adopt, at its discretion, rules recommended by standing and special committees.

H. The Club officers is empowered to set dues and fees in accordance with the needs of the organization.

I. The Club officers may attend to any other business that may come before it that pertains to the operation of the RMFHC as outlined herein.


A. RMFHC shall indemnify any Director or Officer or former Director or Officer of the RMFHC, against expenses actually and reasonably incurred by him/her in connection with the defense of any action, suit or proceeding, civil or criminal, in which he/ she is made a party by reason of being or having been such Director or Officer, except in relation to matters as to which he/she shall be adjudged in such action, suit or proceeding to be liable for gross negligence or misconduct in the performance of duty to the RMFHC; and to make any other indemnification that shall be authorized by the Bylaws, or by Resolution adopted after notice to the members entitled to vote.


A. The Club officers may take action including, but not limited to, censure, suspension, expulsion from the RMFHC, and /or denial of any and all privileges of the RMFHC, to any member for reasons including, but not limited to, failure to pay annual dues, and other such fees as required, and failure to comply with the Bylaws and any or all other promulgated Rules, Regulations and Procedures.

B. The Club officers is authorized to promulgate, amend, and enforce Rules, Regulations and Procedures to protect and further the purposes of the RMFHC.


A. Election of the Officers shall take place by a mailed ballot to all paid members 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting, and by simple majority. Should a simple majority not be received by any candidate for an Office, that Office shall be elected by a runoff vote between the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes.

B. The Nominating Committee Chairperson shall receive, hold and count ballots and present the results to the sitting Club officers for announcement to the membership at the summer annual meeting.

C. Voting by ballot for Amendments to the Bylaws or other matters requiring a vote by the membership shall be conducted in accordance with the voting procedures as heretofore presented in Article XI.

D. In any vote of the membership, only those individuals recorded as members at least 90 days prior to the Election Day will be eligible to vote.

E. Should a tie vote occur, the sitting President, Vice-President and Secretary shall vote, by secret ballot, to break the tie.


A. The Nominating Committee shall be composed of the Immediate Past President and 2 volunteers. The Immediate Past President shall serve as the Chair of the Nominating Committee.

B. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a list of nominees eligible, qualified and willing to serve as Officers of the RMFHC. This list shall be presented to the Secretary at least 90 days prior to the annual meeting, for immediate mailing to the membership. Completed ballots must be postmarked 15 days prior to the annual meeting.


A. An annual meeting of the Membership for the purposes of the election of officers, making awards, reporting the results of any mail ballot or poll of the membership, providing a statement of financial status of the RMFHC, receiving and discussing proposals for amendments to the Bylaws or Rules and Regulations of the RMFHC, reviewing the events and activities of the year, and providing any other program deemed of interest to the membership shall be held on a date and in a place to be determined yearly by the Club officers.

B. Notice to all members shall be given at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting

C. A Special Meeting of the Membership may be called by the President or as a result of a petition signed by 25% of the voting members in good standing. A Special Meeting shall have the purpose of presenting to the Club officers for discussion or action amendments to the Bylaws or changes in the rules or regulations of the RMFHC and shall be held on a date and in a place to be determined by the President.

D. Notice to all members shall be given at least 30 days prior to the date of the Special Meeting.

E. Robertís Rules of Order shall be used as a guideline in the conduct of all meetings.


A. Amendments to the Bylaws shall be by an affirmative vote of twothirds of all members submitting a ballot. The Secretary shall send the proposed Bylaw changes in ballot form to all voting members in good standing with the RMFHC. The Executive Committee shall appoint one Tally agent, who will assist the Secretary in receiving, holding, counting ballots and presenting the results to the sitting Club officers for announcement to the membership at the following RMFHC general meeting. Completed ballots must be postmarked 15 days prior to the RMFHC general meeting at which the results will be announced.

B. Amendments to the RMFHC rules or regulations shall be made by a majority vote of the Club officers. Such proposed amendments will be presented in an official RMFHC publication prior to Club officers action, for comment by the membership.


A. In the case of dissolution of the RMFHC, the assets of the Rocky Mountain Fjord Horse Club shall be transferred by the Club officers to a nonprofit organization with purposes similar to those of the RMFHC, as designated by the Club officers.

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